BK-Riverfish, LLC is a research & consulting business specializing in behavior of migratory fish and developing new fish ladders for fish with moderate swimming ability to enable them to pass upstream at dams

*  We study and consult on studies of freshwater and diadromous migratory fish, particularly sturgeons, in rivers (Danube, Yangtze, Brazilian rivers including the Amazon), and in Atlantic coast rivers of N. America. We have 70+ years of experience studying behavior of fish and migrant fish species.

*  Over the past 4 years, we developed a new inexpensive type of steel modular fish ladder for the 21st Century that passes diverse fish species (see page on Fish behavior and passage). After a successful year of the prototype at Stockdale Dam, Eel River, Indiana, this patent pending ladder is ready to be installed where passing diverse fishes, and particularly small fish like darters, need passage at dams or road culverts.  If interested in the fish ladder, contact us at our email address. Pic is the completed Stockdale Dam Fish Ladder, installed and monitored for fish passage by a partnership with the US Fish & Wildlife Serv., and Manchester University.