BK-Riverfish, LLC is a research & consulting business specializing in behavior of migratory fish and fish passage at dams

*  We study freshwater and diadromous fish in large rivers (Danube, Yangtze, Amazon), and in Atlantic coast rivers of N. America.

*  We have many years of experience studying sturgeons, American shad, sea lamprey, and other species on diadromous fish in eastern USA.

*  We have years of experience studying young sturgeon behavior and using this info to protect and manage fish in rivers.

*  We consult on fish protection (particularly sturgeons and diadromous fish) at bridge and other riverine construction sites, fish tagging, and telemetry. We presently consult on telemetry of crabs in the Yangtze R., China.

*  Our research laboratory is in Erving (western MA), near the Univ. of Mass, Amherst.

*  If you need answers to questions on behavior of early life stages of fish or on migratory fish behavior and fish passage at   

    hydroelectric dams, BK-Riverfish personnel have 81 years of experience providing answers.