Offfice: BK-Riverfish,LLC

28 Echo Hill Rd., Amherst, MA. USA 01002-1633

(413) 253-9421

Research Lab:

Renovators Supply,

1 River St, Erving, Ma 01344

Boyd Kynard is Adjunct Prof. Fisheries, Environ. Cons. Dept., Univ. of Mass., Amherst.

** lab and field behavioral research on migratory fish and fish passage (81 years total experience of personnel)


**; key fishes studied in USA = all N. American sturgeons, American Shad, River Herring, Atlantic Salmon, Striped Bass, Sea Lamprey


** 36 years studying Shortnose Sturgeon and behavior of early life stages of sturgeons, world-wide 


** R & D activities to develop fish passage in USA, Brazil, and China with collaborators 

** Design of river research labs in USA, Brazil, & China


** Provide Environmental Assessment for migratory fish at bridge replacement sites


** 36 yr experience with migratory fish interface with hydroelectric dams


** We solicit R & D work.



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