Behavior of Young Fish

Migration, habitat preference, effects of  rising temperature

1. 60+ years studying young shads, sturgeons, desert pupfish, sticklebacks,etc. 

2. Fully equipped lab with video to record behavior.

3. Seven artificial stream tanks, an experimental flume, & a good water supply.

4. Many recent scientific publications (see Boyd Kynard, Research Gate).

Fish Passage


1. We assist with the design of fish passage facilities at dams in the USA, Brazil, and China.

2.Our R & D has developed a 73 ft long modular ladder that passes moderate swimming freshwater migratory fish over Stockdale Dam, Eel R., Indiana, USA. (See drone pic at right and Home page). The 2ft wide x 2ft high alternating side-baffle ladder (patent pending) passed >10,000 fish in May-August 2018, 77% of the 52 fish species in the river, and fish 1.5-18 inches long. Ladder encased in concrete and with grill cover was unaffected by floods 8ft over ladder. Ladder 1ft x 1ft or 2ft x 2ft can also be installed in road culverts to pass diverse riverine fishes.